The company’s Profile

Jahad-e- Darya Company (JDC) was founded in 1990. The company was established to act as a provider, in order to, fulfill the requirements of marine structures on shores, ports and islands located in the south and north of Iran. The main activity of the company was to act as a contractor in constructional projects on the basis of procurement and launch of the related projects.

JDC has a long active history as a contractor in dredging and construction of all types of gravity jetties, deck and pile, sheet pile and floating berth, quay wall and offshore platform.

The company is operationally active in Iran’s southern and northern ports, islands, offshore fields and also the company is highly active in quite a few areas in Khusestan, Boushehr, Hormzgan and Sistan & Baloochestan provinces. The considerable experiences of the company led it to enter the fields of engineering and financing projects. The company is fully able to perform construction projects cycle such as engineering, procurement, construction and finance (EPCF). In the continuation of its development plan, JDC has entered oil & gas industry to launch the relevant projects.